Photographs (2021)

This photo series was part of the South Explorer at Cultuurwerkplaats Tarwewijk. 

Graduation Project
The Act of Greeting (2020)

The Act of Greeting is a performance where I reveal the oddness and beauty of our greetings, focused on the gestures. We may not give them much thought initially, but it’s in these small acts that we signal the fact that we don’t mean any harm to others.

De Nieuwkomers (2020)

The first publication of art and research centre De Nieuwkomers. Screenprinted with silver ink.
All pictures are made by Zoë Sluijs.

Graduation Project
The Act of Greeting: Publication (2020)

Vinex (2017)

Visualizing the repeating patterns of the neighbourhood Haagse Beemden and Carnisselande.

De Nieuwkomers: Appendix (2020)

An addition to the publication of De Nieuwkomers. They represent a set of values.

(In)vertebrates (2019)

This costume was shaped by the way most humans see insects, Humans are used to placing themselves above insects. By wearing this costume the spectator is playing with these sets of perspectives.